Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thur 14 April - Moab, UT - Monumental

A quick update of our drive to Moab, via Kayenta and Monument Valley. 

Firstly we can't believe we went back to Kayenta. It's just a little boring highway town with basically a few hotels and fast food joints. When we were here in 2013 it was February, grey, dull and freezing. And guess what? It was not much warmer or any more picturesque in April 2016. Ok, never again!

On a positive note the McDonald's where we stopped for coffee was the cleanest and nicest we have ever been into.  And the brewed coffee was hot and fresh too.   Hate to say it but we like the current deal of 2 apple pies for $1. Perfect with coffee. 

Our main reason for coming via here was to get to Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation Tribal area. 
Now time zones here get very confused. The Navajo Nation use Mountain time (same as Utah and one hour ahead of Arizona).  But Monument Valley turn off is in Utah then moves back into Arizona before you reach the tribal area. Ok, we are on holidays so who cares what time it is but we certainly had no idea.  Photo below on t
he way in. 

The 17mile scenic drive takes more than an hour because you stop a lot along the way. The views are amazing. 

We did get some stopped for some dirt road works on the scenic drive and this lady made us laugh as her little hand signals were supposed to control the cars. Just a delicate little wave and a pinkish flag. 

First stop for us was John Ford point. He was a famous movie director and used this location for a movie called Stagecoach. Sorry photo overload from now on.  Th three sisters behind us. 

Loved this scene and had to tip the patient horse $1. 

We won't include the photo that Hans took of THE most disgusting toilet ever. Let's just say that it's here and Di could not even stomach the photo. 

We moved onto to many more famous sights. 

And this was our favourite - Artists Point. We could see why. 

Fantastic place and it gets a bit overwhelming. We stopped for lunch at the View Motel. Was a great location and soup and salad were quite good value at $6 combined.  Had all the flags of the state and nation. 

A quieter trip from this point to Moab. On arrival at Super 8 we did some shopping at our favourite store - Family Dollar and the local supermarket - so that had provisions for the next few days of hiking. 
Sludge in our room for dinner. Sludge is a Carlen family tradition when travelling. A 1 pot sort of risotto with ingredients from a can.  This time with small Frankfurt pieces, some salsa and peas and corn. Quite yummy. But can't eat it all the time. 

Plans were made for hiking tomorrow in Arches National Park. Can't wait. 

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